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Your EvTEK Charger has the benefit of the manufacturer’s product warranty which covers the product for 3 years with full replacement from the date of purchase. This gives you the reassurance that if, within that time, your charger is proven to be defective because of a material defect we will, replace the charger free of charge. This includes freight costs. You will be required to return the defective charger and provide both photographic and written evidence from a certified or qualified electrician that the device is defective.


This warranty is subject to the following conditions:


  • The charger has been installed by an approved certified and qualified electrician and is operated correctly.
  • The charger is used only with the electricity supply as per the manufacturer’s requirements.
  • The charger has been used only to charge an electric vehicle.
  • The charging cable has been returned to the holding socket when not in use (applies only to tethered units not socketed units).
  • The charger has not been altered, serviced, maintained, dismantled, or otherwise interfered with by any person who is not a certified         or and qualified electrician. For the avoidance of doubt any attempt to open the unit by anyone other than a certified and qualified             electrician will invalidate the warranty.
  • It is the responsibility of the purchase of the charger to ensure that all or any party involved in the installation of the charger carry their       own Public Liability Insurance and that they must satisfy themselves of this fact. Evtek Chargers will not be responsible for any type of       Insurance claim or Public Liability claim of any type.
  • Photos or Videos of the defective charger together with written evidence from a certified or qualified electrician and proof of date of           purchase must be emailed to with any warranty claim. Prior to dispatch of the new replacement charger,       we will require evidence from your freight company that the defective charger is being returned.
  • The warranty does not cover damage resulting from improper use, wear and tear, neglect or interference as a result of improper                    installation.
  • The warranty will not apply if the charger is damaged by fire, flood, hail or snow.
  • EvTek Chargers acknowledges and will abide by the Consumer Laws of the country, state, or territory in which the charger is sold.



  • If the charger requires repairs post the warranty period, we are able to supply the necessary replacement parts. Parts and shipping             costs will be charged at the cost at the time of order. You can visit our website at 

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