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Owners Corporations & Strata Managers


With the increasing number of EV’s being sold every year, more and more apartment dwellers are requiring EV Charging facilities in their buildings.


EvTEK Charging Solutions are able to design, supply and install the correct charging system for buildings which you manage. EV charging facilities will help increase the sale and rental ability and value of the building. It is inevitable this will become a requirement in the future.


Owners and occupiers expect charging facilities to be available

EvTEK Charging Solutions are able to assist by providing a full service for the approval, supply and installation of the buildings charger requirements. As an owner’s corporation or strata manager you will continue to experience an increasing demand from owners and tenants for EV Chargers.

This can’t be put off for another day as the number of electric vehicles is increasing every day across the globe as most car manufacturers are phasing out petrol driven vehicles. EvTEK Charging Solutions assist in working out the best way to install charging stations in the building. We can supply, calculate and measure electricity usage and payment options.

The most common ways of doing this by connecting to your existing electricity meter (best for smaller buildings) or for larger apartment complexes by using a digital solution which connects to an integrated charging network. In this situation the user pays for their usage per session or for a set period and the network reimburses the home owners corporation quarterly.