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Eat While You Charge

Electrify America Opens Huge New Charging Station at California Shopping Mall – Eat While You Charge.

Electrify America has opened one of its largest charging stations to date at the Westfield Valley Fair shopping centre in Santa Clara, California.

The location features 14 ultra-fast chargers offering power levels of 150-350 kW. Solar canopies above the chargers will provide customers with protection from the elements and reduce electricity draw from the local utility. The solar panels charge a battery energy storage system that can store power when electricity rates are low and feed power to the chargers at peak times.

EV drivers will be able to order meals from the mall restaurants to be delivered to their cars as they charge—a handy amenity that will be offered across other Westfield locations in the future.

Electrify America is planning to open new stations at 17 locations owned by Westfield, an international operator of shopping malls, across 7 US states, by the end of 2022.

“This premier charging station, with one of our largest offerings of chargers and solar canopy technology, is another step in Electrify America’s journey to provide a seamless and innovative EV charging experience, while also taking measures to reduce the impact on the electrical grid,” said Anthony Lambkin, Senior Director of Operations at Electrify America.

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